All About the SEA Bridge: Part 1
What Is It and Who Is It For?

By Katrina Martin on September 28, 2021

The SEA Bridge, or Social Emotional Acuity Bridge, is a neurodiversity-affirming curriculum for neurodivergent youth. As you’re researching the curriculum that’s right for you and your clients, we wanted to be able to offer you a tool to see if the SEA Bridge fits your needs. First, we’ll start off with what the SEA Bridge isn’t:

SEA Bridge is not a school.

We don’t employ educators or therapists. We create curriculum that educators and therapists can purchase and use with their students and clients.

SEA Bridge is not a treatment.

We reject the deficit model of disability and do not “treat” neurological difference as a malady. Instead, we value the diversity that comes from neurological difference, and authentically support students by empowering their strengths and validating their needs.

SEA Bridge is not applied behavior analysis (ABA).

We acknowledge ABA as a deeply harmful practice for the neurodivergent individuals it is meant to serve. The SEA Bridge was created with a strong anti-ABA lens.

Now that we know what the SEA Bridge isn’t, what is it?

The SEA Bridge is the neurodiversity-affirming curriculum that you’ve been looking for! Using a neurodiversity lens, our curriculum supports autistic and neurodivergent youth in becoming self-assured, confident individuals.

The SEA Bridge curriculum is designed to be used:

  • With small groups of neurodivergent students
  • In person using a SMART Board® or remotely through a virtual session
  • In group sessions that are around 45 minutes—1 hour long
  • Once a week for 40 weeks, or twice a week for 20 weeks

Students who will benefit from the SEA Bridge include:

  • Autistic students with a variety of support needs
  • Non-traditional speakers, AAC users, ASL users, and traditional speakers
  • Dyslexic, ADHD, dyspraxic, and other neurodivergent minds
  • Readers and non-readers

Who can use the SEA Bridge curriculum?

The SEA Bridge is currently being offered to individual service providers, such as speech-language pathologists (SLPs), occupational therapists (OTs), and mental health practitioners working with autistic students in kindergarten through 5th grade. We most often work with autonomous service providers who are able to choose a curriculum best suited their students.

If you check these boxes, the SEA Bridge curriculum is for you!

I am…

  • An SLP, OT, or mental health worker able to choose my curriculum, intervention, and support strategies
  • An educator or therapist of autistic youth in kindergarten through 5th-grade
  • Interested in, or currently working with, small groups of children
  • Wanting an alternative to harmful existing treatment and intervention practices
  • Ready to support students’ actual needs while developing advocacy skills and pride in neurodiversity!

If you’re unsure whether or not the SEA Bridge Curriculum is right for your practice, reach out and we can answer questions specific to you and the kids that you serve.



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