All About the SEA Bridge: Part 2
What Can I Expect From the SEA Bridge?

by Caroline Phillips on October 12, 2021

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Curious about what the SEA Bridge curriculum includes?

First, imagine a world where autistic and neurodivergent traits are never shamed or masked. Where everyone has their own set of wings and music fills the air. Where authenticity and comfort are always prioritized, and children are taught from a young age how to advocate for their needs. Sounds pretty wonderful, doesn’t it? The SEA Bridge curriculum is working to make this world our reality.

While we can’t guarantee the wings, we can guarantee a lot of fun!

Each of the SEA Bridges’ 40 ready-made workshop are set in the Insight Sprite world. A world filled with charming characters that help students see things through a neurodiversity-affirming lens and find new ways to authentically interact with their world. Students will get to know the Sprites through:

  • Puppet shows
  • Choose-your-own-adventure activities
  • Videos
  • Stories
  • Act it out activities (with voices from autistic and neurodivergent actors!)
  • Games
  • And more!

Plus, each workshop comes with online games that students will want to play again and again.

And don’t forget the music!

Along with new fun activities, all the workshops in the SEA Bridge are filled with music. Not only does each workshop include a welcome song written by Lindsay Munroe and a closing song from Raffi, it also includes a unique song tailored to that workshop’s topic. (Want a sneak peak at some of the great songs you’ll hear? Check out Lindsay Munroe’s latest album, Frogs and Birds, which was written with inspiration from our curriculum!)

But how does all this support me as a professional?

While your students are having fun every week getting to know the Sprites, singing, and learning how to authentically be themselves, you will find targeted supports for professionals and caregivers to make the SEA Bridge easy to implement. Our online platform makes facilitating lessons easy from the classroom or virtually, anywhere!

With pre-made workshops as well as at-home activities, asynchronous online activities, and worksheets, you can feel confident that students will have many ways to continue learning from home, without any pre-planning or prep-work. Plus, with our additional resources to share with families and caregivers, you’ll be able to build trust and credibility as the neurodiversity-affirming professional that they’ve been looking for!

And even with all of that, a SEA Bridge subscription comes with even more!

Intrigued? We’d love to give you a demo of what the online platform and curriculum look like!

Celebrate the global launch of our flagship curriculum with live music from Lindsay Munroe! October 21 2021



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