Evidence-Based Practices and the Social-Emotional Acuity (SEA) Bridge

Here at Bridges Learning System, we’ve deliberately structured our SEA Bridge courses based on evidence-based practices (EBPs) established by scientific, peer-reviewed research. This includes Evidence Based Practices (National Clearinghouse on Autism Evidence and NCAEP) 2020 and Established Interventions (National Standards Project NSP) 2015. Read on to see how each component of our program was carefully considered to align with these EBPs.

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EBPStory-based intervention

SEA Bridge offers 40 story-based workshops that teach a curricular topic.

Stories take place in the world of the Insight Sprite characters. Children easily see themselves in the neurodivergent characters while feeling safely removed from the pressures of the real world. This connection to the characters creates an opening for a clinician or educator to support children in developing deeper self-awareness and advocacy skills.

Social skills package

All curricular topics fall into one of the following categories: authentic social connection, communication, embodied emotions, supportive friends and allies, or self-advocacy.

The SEA Bridge shifts goals away from neurotypical skill acquisition to thriving as a neurodivergent person. The SEA Bridge teaches children that their way of connecting and communicating is valid. Rather than trying to change the differences that arise from neurodiversity, the SEA Bridge focuses on creating bridges of understanding across neurotype. Our belief is that the onus of learning about oneself and others is a shared responsibility across all people, neurodivergent and neurotypical.

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Visual supports


Each workshop includes a printable infographic. This graphic is primarily a visual display of the concepts taught in the workshop and is used to create shared understanding between the parent or caregiver, educator, and student.


All workshops follow a consistent schedule per the recommendations of the Autistic community. Each section of the workshop is noted with a visual representation of that workshop material (e.g. welcome song, activity, discussion, etc.). Use of a consistent schedule allows children to develop some sense of predictability and comfort within the routines of the session.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Embedded AAC opportunities

All workshops include an opportunity for button-activated speech or participation in the workshop session. Additional tips are included to support AAC users using the curriculum.

Validation of AAC communication

One main curricular area of the SEA Bridge is communication. Students learn to understand and validate different ways of communicating. This supports AAC users in seeing themselves represented as communicators in the same way as traditional speakers. Additionally, one of the Insight Sprite characters is a dedicated AAC user and many of the characters use non-traditional communication methods.

Non-verbal girl living with cerebral palsy, learning to use digital tablet device to communicate. People who have difficulty developing language or using speech use speech-generating devices.

Music mediated interventions

Professionally recorded music that supports learning

Children’s singer/songwriters Lindsay Munroe and Raffi are featured in each of the workshops. Lindsay developed music to integrate with the curriculum and reinforce curricular topics.

Technology aided interventions

Curriculum delivered through an online platform

Technology is a central feature of the SEA Bridge. The curriculum is housed online and has been thoughtfully designed to support a wide variety of communicators and learning styles.

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