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Building bridges of understanding is what we do. Whether you are completely new to the neurodiversity movement or are looking to support neurodivergent students, our curricula is designed to take you to that next level of learning. All you need to do is take the first step!

Backed by
neurodivergent voices

Neurodivergent and autistic voices are at the forefront of everything we do. Our content is co-developed by neurodivergent adults, from identifying lesson topics and designing interactive workshops, all the way through publication. Every aspect of our curriculum is informed by the community it serves. 

Accessible anywhere,
by anyone

Our products are all offered online, making it easy to learn remotely, in the classroom, or even on the go! You set the pace and formatting that works best for you, making it easy to learn anywhere. We also include accessibility tools across all our resources, allowing our curricula to be available to all needs.  

What Others Are Saying

We’re already making waves! Don’t believe us? Here’s what others are saying:

“The Neurodiversity Training is absolutely fantastic in laying the foundations for you to build positive relationships with autistic people. Bridges have captured the sentiments of the Neurodivergent community perfectly! Bravo.”

Jude Morrow

CEO and Founder, Neurodiversity Training International

“Thank you for what you are doing…what a difference this will make.”


Neurodiversity Self-Advocate

“This looks


Professor of Special Education

“Thank you for creating something with neurodiversity in mind from the start.”


Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments

Innovative Neurodiversity Education

For decades, autistic children and other students who were regarded as neurodivergent have been subjected to treatment seeking to “remediate their symptoms” and “normalize” them. These treatments do more harm than good and lead to feelings of isolation, increased bullying, and lack of self-worth. As a result, the cost of these “treatments” is more than money, effort, and time—it’s a loss of self.

We take a different approach. We offer meaningful, engaging, and empowering learning materials to build self-advocacy, equity, and life-changing learning in all our students.

We seek mutual understanding between autistic and neurotypical individuals. Instead of asking autistic people to change in order to fit in the world, we are continuously finding new ways to break barriers and make the world more accessible to the autistic community. 

Get Involved

Neurodivergent Collaborators

Are you an autistic or neurodivergent teen or adult who wants to support a paradigm shift in education? We want to hear from you! Join our growing community of neurodivergent collaborators. 

Educators and Caregivers

Are you an educator who supports autistic or neurodivergent students? Or are you new to the neurodiversity movement and not sure where to start?  Find out more about our curricula, products, and how you can get involved.


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