Some of our favorite reviews so far:

“Thank you for creating something with neurodiversity in mind from the start.”


Teacher of students with visual impairments

“The neurodiversity webinar is absolutely fantastic in laying the foundations for you to build positive relationships with autistic people. Bridges have captured the sentiments of the Neurodivergent community perfectly! Bravo.”

Jude Morrow

CEO and Founder, Neurodiversity Training International

“Thank you for what you are doing…what a difference this will make.”


Neurodivergent self-advocate

“This looks GREAT!”


Professor of Special Education

“Being the parent of an autistic young man in Bangalore, I wished that this was available years ago when I struggled as a mother to help my child make sense of so many things in the world around him. I feel the love, patience, and attention to detail that has gone into this curriculum and have recommended it to my friends!”



We build BRIDGES

At Bridges, we create innovative, community-driven educational curricula that empowers autistic and neurodivergent individuals. Our curricula, resources, and trainings are all centered around authentically supporting autistic and neurodivergent (ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc.) needs.

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