Mission and Values

Our Mission

Bridges Learning System creates innovative, community-driven educational curricula that empowers autistic and neurodivergent individuals. In our work, we seek to build bridges that circumvent systemic barriers and societal beliefs surrounding autism and neurodiversity, leading to equity and belonging.

Our Values


We believe that disability is a social construct and that environments need to change, not people. It is imperative that we refocus the conversation around disability to better meet the needs of all people and to create a place of equity where everyone belongs.


We serve and support the autistic community. We are dedicated to listening to, amplifying, and empowering autistic voices and we are committed to ensuring our company and products are representative of our users.


We lead with the individual perspectives, innovation, and integrity of our team members. Individual talents, combined with user experiences and community feedback, lead the way to high quality, engaging, and life-changing content.


We are committed to environmentally sustainable and innovative practices to be mindful of our impact and to ensure the longevity of our products.

transparency and accountability

Visibility into our processes and curricula development is integral to an honest, trustworthy, and authentic operation. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering on all our commitments.