About Us

Our Story

Bridges Learning System was created with the foundational understanding that disability is not synonymous with inability. Too often people with disabilities, including developmental disabilities, are forced to make their world more accessible, instead of the world adapting to meet the needs of all people. At Bridges, we believe that it is imperative to refocus conversations around disability to create a place of equity where everyone belongs.

Creating Bridges

Our curricula, products, and trainings are centered around building bridges of understanding and empowerment for the autism community. Our approach is unique from other organizations out there: we are community-driven and founded on the feedback, research, and opinions of autistic individuals. This allows us to create fun, engaging, and life-changing content with our students always at the forefront of our minds. We are not a one-size-fits-all organization, instead we strive to meet and support individuals where they are in their educational journey.

Valid and Valued

Our team of neurodiverse individuals is passionate, driven, and eager to learn. We are continually growing and adapting our organization to make what we do accessible, equitable, and sustainable. At the forefront, we are dedicated to the advocacy, amplification, and empowerment of the autism and disability communities.