Social-Emotional Acuity Bridge

The neurodiversity-affirming curriculum that you’ve been looking for!

For educators and individual service providers (SLPs, OTs, and mental health) guiding small groups of autistic and neurodivergent youth in Kindergarten – 5th grade

The SEA Bridge was created with collaboration with: 

Say farewell to ABA and hello to your students new favorite way to learn


The SEA Bridges’ neurodiversity-affirming, strength-based approach is everything that you, your students, and their families have been looking for to finally celebrate authentic ways of being. 


With curriculum topics like authentic social connection, embodied emotions, supportive friends and allies, and self-advocacy, you’ll witness your students learn to embrace their authentic selves right before your eyes!

Reclaim your time, reduce your prep-work

Feel confident teaching neurodiversity-affirming outcomes with our ready-made, online workshops that make instruction easy whether you’re teaching in-person or remotely.


Invest in a curriculum that is both founded on and endorsed by autistic and neurodivergent voices, including NeuroClastic and Neurodiversity Training International.

Cultivate pride in neurodiversity alongside the Insight Sprites

In the Insight Sprite world, autistic and neurodivergent traits are never shamed or masked. Instead, students discover empowerment and belonging as they navigate the different ways the Sprites engage and interact in the world. Students will see themselves in the Sprites as they are guided through each workshop, building bridges of understanding along the way!

Build trust, credibility, and recognition

With the SEA Bridge, you get more than just the buzzword of neurodiversity—you get a program that will guide you in supporting the next generation of changemakers. Don’t wait to be on the right side of history, take the plunge and finally support your students in being their authentic selves. You’ll be surprised how easy it is!

What’s included?

Your SEA Bridge subscription comes with a ton of great features. Here’s a few to highlight:

Access to unlimited use of workshops that span a year of weekly content on an intuitive, easy-to-use online platform

Games, puppet shows, choose-your-own-adventure, and many other fun and engaging activities

Music from award-winning children’s singers Lindsay Munroe and Raffi to singalong with in workshops and at home

Caregiver resources to support continued learning from home

Flexible onboarding training that fits directly into your schedule

Access to regular updates, additions, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Or contact us at any time
Is the SEA Bridge right for my student/client/child?

The SEA Bridge is designed specifically for small groups of autistic and neurodivergent students. As a web-based curriculum, we have accessibility options for many different needs, including text-to-speech, motor skill support, and much more. Still unsure? Just ask us, we’d love to get to know more about your student’s specific needs!

Is the SEA Bridge a school?

No, the SEA Bridge is not a school. It is a online-based, educator-led curriculum tailored for autistic and neurodivergent youth in Kindergarten through 5th grade. The SEA Bridge is facilitated by independent teachers, therapists, and other providers leading small groups of students/clients. Parents and caregivers who are interested in the SEA Bridge for their child, give us a call or send us an email and we can try to help find a SEA Bridge provider near you! 

At what frequency should I use the SEA Bridge curriculum?

With 40 unique lessons, the SEA Bridge is intended to be used once week! However, it can be used as frequently as best fits your schedule. Let us know what frequency works best for you.

How have you incorporated autistic and neurodivergent voices into the curriculum?

We are a strong supporter of the disability justice mantra, “Nothing about us, without us.” That is why we have made sure to include feedback, research, and opinions of autistic individuals throughout the creation of the SEA Bridge curriculum. We have received feedback through surveys and focus groups and autistic individuals have been involved in the direct creation of lessons and activities. Are you autistic or neurodivergent and interested in helping shape the future for others in the neurodivergent community? We’d love to hear from you!

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