Our Team

Katrina Martin, PhD



Katrina Martin, PhD is the founder and lead curriculum designer at Bridges Learning System. After years of working within and on behalf of the education system for disabled youth, Katrina believes that true education reform is paramount. She contends that now is the time to remove the antiquated paradigm of educating students through a medical model of neurotypical=normal and healthy and neurodiverse=atypical and needs remediation. In its place, we must institute a social justice model of education, supporting strengths and teaching the benefits and values inherent in diverse ways
of thinking.

Having worked in the field of disability for over 20 years, Katrina has seen first hand the dangers of “othering” people who think and behave in unique ways. She has also witnessed the value in supporting individual needs without a focus on labels and deficits. Katrina founded Bridges Learning System with the belief that by bringing together the autistic community and those who work on their behalf we can change the world, one student, one family, and one educator at a time.

Caroline Phillips


Product Director

Caroline comes to Bridges with a strong background in marketing, editing, and writing. She loves having her hands on multiple projects and learning new skills to tackle whatever is thrown at her. As the Product Director, she leads Bridges’ marketing initiatives and supports the development of curricula and materials. She has a strong passion for social justice issues and is excited to be a part of an organization that listens to, advocates for, and incorporates autistic and neurodivergent voices as well as stands with the neurodiversity movement. She loves working with the thoughtful and driven team that Bridges has cultivated so far and is looking forward to all the growth that is to come!

Kat Harhai


Neurodiversity Collaboration Facilitator

Kat is a facilitator, educator, and writer. For the last three years, she has facilitated rehabilitative programming for incarcerated women. She is also multiply disabled, and was late diagnosed as autistic as a young adult. Since discovering her diagnosis, she has been on the lookout for opportunities to combine her professional experience with her passion for advancing disability justice. She is a big believer in the long-held disability justice mantra “nothing about us without us,” and is thrilled to be working for a company that puts that value into action. As the Neurodiversity Collaboration Facilitator, she engages with other neurodivergent folks via surveys and focus groups and uses that feedback to inform our curricula. She is excited to be part of a project that aligns so well with her values, and to be on a team that is so passionate, intentional, and dedicated. 

Tess Winker


Illustrator and Insight Sprites Architect 

Tess Winker is from St. Paul, MN and has always had a healthy obsession with cats and butterflies. She is a young adult on the spectrum with an A.A in Liberal Arts, and has turned her gifts for art and music into a career. Tess is proud to work with Bridges Learning System and adds a touch of whimsy and imagination to the world of the Insight Sprites. She is delighted to help fellow autistics learn social-emotional skills through such a vibrant and fun medium.

For more of her art, check out Aleita Arts on Facebook.

Lindsay Munroe



Lindsay Munroe is an award-winning children’s musician signed to Raffi’s label Troubadour Music. Her debut album I Am Kind: Songs for Unique Kids is both endearing and noteworthy. With a lovely and engaging voice, Lindsay’s music uplifts and delights kids, parents, and educators. As a mother of three autistic children, she writes music for neurodiverse kids and their families and for the teachers who embrace inclusion in their classrooms. Her positive songs will also appeal to those working to promote self-regulation and kindness.

Lindsay believes that music is a wonderful, unique tool in teaching social emotional skills. She is thrilled to join Bridges as a songwriter, and feels honored to join an amazing team that empowers autistic individuals within their communities, creating a place of equity where everyone belongs.